Pedzisayi Ruhanya slams Chamisa’s lack of strategy

Chamisa facing certain defeat in 2023 elections.

Popular former Daily News editor and respected academic, Pedzisayi Ruhanya has today slammed Nelson Chamisa for his lack of a coherent strategy before the 2023 elections.

Writing on his Twitter handle, Ruhanya said:

MDC and Bvondo: All these people online who say you must have a campaign plan, policy plan overall for party and specific to rural hinderland mean wel. It’s ZANU-PF ‘s csntreof manipulation gravity and want that neutralized and changed. They don’t hate, hurt.


The sobering criticism by Ruhanya comes as Chamisa supporters continue to defend his silence on the direction of the party before the 2023 elections.

Chamisa has been criticized on his lack of a clear policy on dialogue and rural voter strategy.

Ruhanya’s tweets were met with insults by Chamisa supporters, as usual.