Nicholas Zachariah loses his memory

Popular Sungura musician, Madzibaba Nicholas Zachariah (Senior Lecturer) , has lost his memory.

This was observed during an interview with Derwwmas Media this afternoon where Zachariah could not remember the words to most of his hit songs.

In the wide ranging interview, Zachariah, revealed that he never mistreated Alick Macheso and any of the other musicians that left his band, the Kiama Boys.

Zachariah revealed the circumstances that led to Macheso ‘s departure. He said because of piracy, he had decided to leave music and drive long distance trucks.

He said driving trucks was a way of raising funds to buy music instruments.

However, as time went on, the band members got hungry as they could not make money.

Zachariah said Macheso approched him and said he needed to find a way of making money and he gave him his blessings.

Zachariah denied that he ever paid Macheso through the window.

Please watch the video above this post for more details.