Watch: Prophet Ian Genesis Apologises to Zambians for Prophesying that Edgar Lungu will win Elections

A Zambian self-proclaimed prophet, Ian Genesis has apologized to Zambians for prophesying that Edgar Lungu will win 2021 presidential elections.

Before the August 12 elections, Prophet Genesis boisterously claimed that God had told him that President Edgar Chagwa Lungu would be reelected.

“By Grace of God by and the ministration of the holy spirit, in prayer and in supplication, the Lord has asked me to tell the nation of Zambia, that God in Heaven has not permitted a change of government in the August 2021 election.
And the president that will rule this country in the next five years will come from the Patriotic Front. This is the word of the Lord, and it shall come to pass. My name is Prophet Ian Genesis and I approve this message in Jesus’ mighty name. Shalom. Edgar Chagwa Lungu shall be the president of Zambia in the next coming elections. God bless you. Shalom,” said Prophet Ian Genesis.

However, Prophet Genesis’s so-called prophecy fell flat as the incumbent Edgar Chagwa Lungu was defeated in the election by his rival, opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema.

Hichilema was declared the president after he stormed to a landslide victory over Lungu.

Following this stunning reversal, the Zambian prophet initially deactivated his account claiming that he needed some time off social media to seek God. Prophet Genesis wrote,

“To all my faithful followers and disciples- am taking two days off social media to seek God over a lot of things. I need personal answers! Most of you get inspiration from this platform every day nevertheless I must meet God.
Through visions, God has revealed to me a lot that will happen in the next coming days. Zambians remain prayerful so that as things unfold in the next couple of days. You are in a mood of prayer, it is well with you. I love you all, including those that will mock this post and insults me,” he posted.

He also released a video that is circulating on social media. In the video he apologized to the Zambians.

” I beg you you To forgive me, those that will forgive me God Bless you and those that will not God bless you too. My Prophecy shouldn’t divide the country, am not the only one that prophesied about the Elections. Its now the lesson for us prophets to consider our Emotions when prophesying. A lot of you calling for the closure of my ministry, if it gets closed, have you thought about people that will be lost ??”