31 People Confirmed Dead in Eastern Cape Bus Crash

Thirty-one people are now confirmed to have died in the bus crash on the N2 between East London and Butterworth on Monday afternoon.

The driver of the bus is among the people who died following the horrific accident.

At least 24 people were injured but opted not to be admitted to hospital.

Another nine people were admitted to hospitals for treatment.

Eastern Cape transport department spokesperson Unathi Binqose said a large number of search and rescue personnel, traffic officers, firefighters and paramedics were on the scene.

The accident took place on the notorious section of the N2, known as the Kei Cuttings, south of the Kei River, which is known for its perilous twists and turns.

The driver is believed to have lost control of the long-distance passenger bus before it plunged 200m down a steep embankment.