15 year old boy resurrected in Chitungwiza

There was chaos this week after a 15 year old boy was resurrected from death by a leader of an apostolic sect, Madzibaba Petros.

Narrating the story, which has gone viral in Chitungwiza, a member of the church told Sly media that they were praying when Madzibaba Petros suddenly stopped and ordered them to run to the road.

He said there was a hearse coming accompanied by two buses.

He said they must stop the hearse and bring it to him as he saw in the spirit that the boy in the coffin was not dead.

On arrival at the road, the members stopped the hearse and the Nyaradzo funeral services driver reluctantly drove to the shrine.

On arrival at the shrine, Madzibaba Petros ordered the coffin to be opened. He then placed his staff on the boys chest and he opened his eyes.

Madzibaba Petros then stepped on the boy’s chest and he sat up.

The boy was then taken out of the coffin and was prayed for. He was then asked to identify the people he knew, and he identified his mother, father and little brother.

Please watch the video above this post for more details.