Broke Daisy Mtukudzi Now Selling Tuku’s Cars

Daisy Mtukudzi, the wife of the late singer, Oliver Mtukudzi is reportedly broke and hawking Tuku’s property to sail through.

Few weeks ago, She was interviewed by the Chronicle and during the interview she revealed that she was financially struggling as Tuku didn’t leave any many for her.

Tuku died in January 2019 leaving behind an arts centre in Norton, Pakare Paye, that was built with a state-of-the-art studio, lodge, conference facility, a shop, restaurant and concert venue.

“Residents of Norton might readily testify, in the few years Oliver Mtukudzi has been gone, Pakare Paye Arts Centre is no longer the same. Each passing day it is losing its lustre – loc
ked gates, unkempt grounds and an eerie silence,” said Garikai Mazara, an award-winning arts journalist.

Daisy is also reportedly selling some of the cars Tuku left behind, including the Discovery 4 personalised in his name.

It is reported that a source close to Daisy Mtukudzi said some Zimbabweans had approached her with offers to help spruce up the late Tuku’s legacy but were turned away as she made unreasonable demands.

Watch the video above for more details