Nkayi Rapper, Awa Khiwe Slams Kirsty Coventry

Popular hip hop singer Awakhiwe Sibanda popularly known as “Awa Khiwe” has heavily criticised the Ministry of Sports, Arts, and Recreation, Kirsty Coventry.

The Rapper took to social media to criticise Kirsty Coventry for failing to set up an Arts centre at Nkayi.

It is not our duty to fork out our hard-earned peanuts to start an Arts centre in Nkayi. @KirstyCoventry should do it, that’s her job. She said they have funds for it so,” she tweeted.

When Kirsty Coventry was appointed as Minister, she took to social media to reveal that the ministry had ZW 20 million to revive the Arts and Culture industry in Zimbabwe.

“We have 20 million(zw) setup for Sport and Creative Cultural industries in Zimbabwe. Our athletes and artists are incredible ambassadors for our country, promoting who we are and uniting us under our flag. They will not be left behind,” Kirsty Coventry tweeted.

Awa Khiwe responded to the tweet urging the Minister to consider reviving the Arts industry especially for people in rural areas.

“Please consider the rural areas as well, setting up creative spaces in the cities does not help us because most of us can’t afford to travel and talents die because of lack of resources,” tweeted Awakhiwe