Lorraine Guyo buys Mercedes Benz, Opens Braids Company

Zimbabwean socialite Lorraine Guyo has opened her braids shop in Harare.

Guyo took to social media to announce her good news.

“Selling has always been a passion of mine. When I started selling braids at my house in Eastlea people would come to me and say ” how can someone like u with all those followers sell braids for $1″
I later on moved into a salon at Eastlea and I tell u the place was not even good looking at all , some would come and they see the situation and go back , others would only come to mock and see what the ‘so called Lorraine Shop” looks like.
What I told myself is I know what I want to achieve I know where my vision is going . The best decision that I made that time was not to stop because the inner me was willing to keep going . It was not an easy journey but by God’s grace and His love ,we are managing each day as it comes. The same $1 braid is paying my brothers fees now and we are managing to even pay rentals.The past few weeks have been amazing moment of my life enjoying my own company and getting to know Lorraine Better.


My advice to u is don’t stop .

I appreciate u all for supporting Braid & Weave Nation . This is my Legacy,” she posted

She also bought a new Mercedes Benz car today.

The internet celebrity got famous after posting a video on social media asking that men propose love to her ahead of Valentine’s Day in 2019.

She came to be known as the Ndinyengeiwo girl as the video went viral.