Botswana Relay Team Rewarded With Houses After Winning Bronze Medals During the Tokyo Olympics

The government of Botswana has announced that it will offer each of the 6 team men’s 4 x 100 meters relay team members a 2 bedroomed house.

The reward comes following a mouth watering performance during the Tokyo Olympics that ended few days ago.

The team raised the Botswana flag high as it scooped bronze medal making Botswana the third best relay team in the world.

Each athlete also received a monthly allowance of P 8, 333.00 for welfare and upkeep.

Furthermore, all athletes who qualified for the Tokyo Olympics 2029 Games were rewarded with P 25, 000.00 and the coaches P 10, 000.00 each.

Similar incentives have been offered to the women’s national football team (P250 000) and the men’s national team (650 000).

The government said the athletes received all due care while in camp.