Controversial Sweden based blogger Tatelicious Karigambe-Sandberg has called Nash Paints Boss Tinashe Mutarisi humble after he responded to her proposal on Facebook.

Tatelicious had opened up that she loved Tinashe Mutarisi.

In response Tinashe Mutarisi appreciated Tatelicious for the shootout and revealed that he enjoys her Facebook lives.

Writing on Facebook Tatelicious said:
“He’s actually a humble guy

This is called humility at its best!!!

Even ukawana any gossip about people like #VaMutarisi unonyara kuritaura because of his kindness towards me

My fans and myself Honor You Sir.

Thank you for being kind to the Queen of the Republic.

You will not miss it in destiny.

I PUBLICLY APOLOGIZE FOR ALL BAD STUFF I have said about you in the past.

As you new 2nd wife to be ,mundiregererewo daddy,ndikamwa mapiritsi eEdzi brain dzombodhomoka

I love you soooo much #VaMutarisi_Dzarling