DNA tests have proved Hastings to be the father of the child after his ex wife’s friend claimed that the child was not his.

After a couple of drinks the bride’s friends told Hastings that the he has been taking care of wasn’t his.

However, a follow up was done and it appears the first DNA test news was fake. There was no DNA conducted, but after the matter came to light, the couple decided to take the DNA and below are the results:

The roora squad story went viral after the brivdesmaids spilt the secret in a dare game . Many bashed the lady accusing her of being very evil and giving a man a child who was not his.
Two months after this incident, new details have emerged after a follow-up DNA test that the husband is the rightful father of the child.

The test proves the bridesmaids wrong and brings up questions on whether it has ever been an authentic story or they just wanted to ruin their friend’s wedding.