Anna Honde reveals that she is mentally unstable and she almost ended her life

Anna Honde reveals that she is not mentally well
Comedianne Anna Chibaby Honde has opened up to the public that she is going a lot in her life.
Writing on Facebook she revealed that she was having a mental break down.
She announced that she was taking a break from social media and promised to come back online after recovering.

Anna confessed that she almost ended her life due to depression.
She wrote:

“For years now alot happened and still happening. There was a time when l almost endend my life but this time am not going to have such thoughts. Am allowed to break down am allowed to express my feelings am human hey.. I will be honest you gave me life and you still do for that thank you. I used to long to be with friends and God gave me family pano. Am going through a phase and for you family l will get back on my feet soon and keep doing what l love.
#its okay not to be okay

I love you all
When am okay l will say hie.”