Prophet Madungwe death prophecy – Prophet Seer Ishmael

Prophet Seer Ishmael has today delivered a death prophecy on eccentric Zimbabwean Prophet, Prophet Madungwe.

Speaking on his YouTube channel, Prophet Ishmael said:

I’ve got two messages that God is sent me to speak to you. The first one is concerning the nation, and  the other concerning an individual.

The first one we need to pray for an investor. There is a celebrity. I saw in the realm of the spirit, a celebrity, but this celebrity is not from Zimbabwe, he is coming from other countries, getting into Zimbabwe.

His main reason to come to this nation is of investment. He iss coming to invest in the country.

The spirit of the Lord said to me you have to pray, because he has been sent by God to come and develop people skills, and so many people are going to benefit from his investment.

So, wherever you are, I want you to pray and ask God to release this grace and his favor, concerning our better life.

Let us welcome him as he comes and let him invest.

And we are going to benefit from his investment, he is a celebrity and is a well known figure.

He is going to come to the nation of Zimbabwe to invest, somehow.

So, we have to pray, because this will help your family, or relative. In Jesus mighty name.

And the second prophecy. I saw a celebrity. And this celebrity is well known celebrity in Zimbabwe.

But this celebrity as I saw it in the realm of the spirit, I saw a tragedy coming to this person. He is a male figure, but I saw a tragedy coming.

A tragedy coming, but it’s a male figure is a well known celebrity, well known person on Facebook, on social media, on WhatsApp and other people they say he is mad.

I’m seeing a name, I’m seeing his name starts with an M,

We need to pray for this person. So that whatever is in front of him. He may skip it.

Just put him in prayer and pray for him. I saw a tragedy happen. A tragedy happening. A tragedy happening.

So we need to pray for him and take time to offer your prayers, your prayers are very very much important to him.

He is a social media figure. He is a well known person in Zimbabwe. His name starts with M. But something is about to happen to him.

Well, let us pray and leave everything in the hands of God. Thank you.

Please watch the video above this post for more details.