UK based businesswoman and philanthropist Olinda Chapel after hosting her annual High Tea event on the 7th of August at the Grand Hotel in Birmingham, United Kingdom, Tatelicious mocked the food which was offered to the guests and she said the event was poorly planned.

Olinda took to Facebook to blast Tatelicious and other Zimbabweans who find it hard to say well done to a fellow Zimbabwean.

Writing on Facebook she said:

“Well done 👏🏻!

Some of the hardest words to be spoken within the Zimbabwean community. I am just realising today that it is very hard for us to appreciate a persons effort, success and achievements. You literally spend all day Avery day trying to find fault in all of that.

One person actually took a picture of the food and gave to a troll to attack the dinner. Claiming they were being fed samosas and yet it was a mini taco ! Sigh 😞 I mean who buys a whole ticket to go find fault 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️

The words well done are just so difficult to say !

It’s very difficult for people to say well done to a couple that has gone through the most and have worked hard to make their marriage work. No, in the Zim community one isn’t allowed to have a happy marriage or to forgive their partner for whatever wrongs they’d have done to each other.

Shona cheated on Connie and had a baby by someone else. But we witnessed him make it up to her and treat her like a Queen. That you can celebrate and say oooooo aaaaaa that’s sweet, because they are not Zimbabwean. Connie is 6 years older than Shona and yet that’s okay. Let it happen in our community you get humiliated for fighting for your marriage. I never saw one person call Shona a Ben10. Yet in our community it’s normal. I never saw a single person call Shona a child abuser. But in our community it happens to me every single person

The words well done are very difficult to say !

One does International recruitment to help our communities. Then they are labelled a scam and all other communities they help each other and support each other to empower each other

The words well done are very difficult to say !

I see this every single day of my life. There is nothing that I have done for the Zimbabwean community that has been well received or celebrated or I have not been attacked for.

The words well done are very difficult to say !”