Flamboyant gospel hip hop musician Mudiwa Hood has revealed he never dated two girls at once ever since he started dating.

The musician opened up when he posted 15 things that he has never done in his life.

Among other facts Mudiwa revealed that he has never tasted alcohol before in his life.

Below are Mudiwa’ s 15 Fun Facts

“Did You Know ?


I have Never :

1. Tasted Alcohol in my entire life. Just a personal choice I made since I was young.
2. Had a Tatoo ever.
3. Had a Piercing anywhere on my ears šŸ‘‚, nose or anywhere. Once wore magnetic studsā€¦
4. Tried smoking šŸš¬ anything
5. Dated 2 people at once
6. Claimed to be a perfect guy but I am one responsible bastard who gives blood šŸ©ø and will never takes chances with life !!
7. Raised a hand at anyone or be in a physical fight
8. Been given free money more than $100 by anyone, if its not work. I have worked for everything than some of you thought were giftā€¦it was payment for work done.
8. Had a nude or shirtless pics
9. Leaked Dms or chats to embarrass anyone
10. Objectified women in my musical videos no garo or legs etcā€¦šŸ˜‚ 30 awards with 5 best videos still.
11. Believed raw sex is better than wrapped one, it is always Principle over Pleasure šŸ™‚. Be responsible, that is why i have one child in a formal marriage and still give blood šŸ©ø.
12. Belittled anyone on purpose
13. Shared most of my important victories with the public esp my properties, businesses and important movesā€¦ I only post perfumes and phones!! šŸ˜œ
14. Skipped a day without bathing šŸ˜‚
15. Given up on uplifting and motivating others to get it right in this life even when I get trolled and trash talked, my purpose and assignment is bigger than meā€¦ I will always encourage positivity and uplift others.

When you build/ do business do it in silence the enemy will not know what to attack.

I am NOT a perfect guy, I pray one day i INSPIRE both this generation and the next as a good role model in our society.”