The government of Botswana has been ordered to reimburse former President, Ian Khama, the costs of a trip that he took in 2019, to visit the Tibetan spiritual leader, The Dalai Lama, who is in exile in India.

When he was making preparations to go to India, Khama requested the Botswana government to  assist with his welfare and transport.

At the time, there were already tension between Khama and current president, Mokgweetsi Masisi.

It is believed that Masisi ‘s intention was to prevent Khama from going to India.

Masisi’s government cited the One China policy, that the country is supporting, and said, his visit will be in violation of the country’s position of supporting China.

The One China policy does not recognize Tibet and Taiwan, and therefore people who are friends, or who have a relationship with Taiwan or Tibet or Dalai Lama, are seen as enemies to the China or to Beijing.

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