Tinashe explains why she left her music label

Popular music star, Tinashe, has spoken up for about her struggles with her previous music label after she released her latest project 333.

Speaking to Zane Lowe of Apple music, Tinashe said:

Its a very insidious process, how that happens. I think it’s not something that just happens overnight and you just don’t even realize that you’re taking into consideration the opinions of your fans, the media.

You have all these people that potentially run a very successful business that are trying to guide you in a way that you trust is the right direction, but maybe something just isn’t aligning.

Tinashe said she was frustrated with the way her lable handled her album, Joyride.

I think that album, It was a process because we had a kind of a disagreement in terms of what that project looked like.

I think I initially went into it with like all this excitement coming out of my debut album and like, wanting to explore all these sounds.

We just weren’t kind of in alignment, me and my record label at the point, and it took three years I think for that project to come out.

And for me psychologically, the struggle of wanting to release a body of work and then and not really feeling the support within your community led me down a path of, kind of just feeling like I had to kind of fulfill an obligation to that project, as opposed to really digging deep and finding the joy within the music at that time so I think that that’s probably what makes that album feel a little bit stale.

That era was very, for me, very frustrating.

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