Mnangagwa had secret negotiations with Chamisa before Coup

The President of Emmerson Mnangagwa allegedly had a secret meeting with the President of MDC Alliance before the 2018 Coup that led to the downfall of the then President Robert Gabriel Mugabe.

MDC Alliance Secretary General Chalton Hwende claimed that Mnangagwa offered millions of dollars and gold to Nelson Chamisa

Posting on social media, Hwende says the opposition leaders rejected the offer.

“We have our own short comings as opposition leaders as we are human beings but President Morgan Tsvangirai taught us one thing: never to sell the struggle of the people,” said Hwende.

After the refusal Mnangagwa has gone against every business opportunity that comes our way.

“The system has ensured that the opposition leaders don’t get any business opportunity or job opportunities,” he added.

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