Watch: Under Fire Lovemore Madhuku Defends Polad Car Gift

National Constitutional Assembly leader Lovemore Madhuku has defended his acceptance of a brand-new Isuzu double cab given to him by the government.

Addressing journalists in Harare this afternoon, Professor Madhuku said it was the right of POLAD principals to get the Government vehicles while referring to section 67.

Madhuku is among other politicians who have been heavily criticised by Zimbabweans for accepting car gifts from the ruling party  Zanu-PF.

“ What we were given was a right to use these vehicles for POLAD purposes and for the work of our political parties so we don’t own personal vehicles. It was to be given a right to occupy it,” said Madhuku.

“It is government property that we will have with us but we have had access to Government property, we have our meetings in government buildings, at State House. We go to meetings that are funded by the State, the hotels that we go to and so forth,” he added.

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