Watch: Martine Moise, the Wife of Haiti’s Assasinated President Describes Brutal Attack

Martine Moise, the first Lady of Haiti has described the brutal attack that claimed his husband’s life.

When Haiti’s president was brutally assassinated in his bedroom last month, just one witness was there to see it, the first Lady.

The first lady of Haiti, was found bleeding on the floor next to the body of her husband, Jovenel Moise, on July 7.

But she survived the mysterious attack and is now lighting a fire under the search to bring the killers to justice.

In an interview with CNN, Mrs. Moise said :

“Someone gave the order, and someone paid the money. Those are the people that we are searching for. I want the United Nations Security Council’s help to find those people,” she said.


She says she first knew something was wrong that night when she and her husband heard automatic gunfire outside their home around 1 am.

Once they realized that the gunmen had entered the house, they tried to hide on the floor behind their bed, she said.

“At that time, I didn’t even think that they were going to be able to get into the room where we were, because we had about 30 or 50 security guards (at the house),” she said.
Yet they did, in a massive security failing that Haitian authorities still have not explained. At least two top security chiefs are currently in prison, including presidential security chief Dimitri Herard and coordinator of palace security Jean Laguel Civil.

She estimated that around a dozen men entered the room, speaking Spanish, looking for something specific.

Only then did they turn their attention to the president on the floor and make a fatal phone call, she recalled with devastating calm.

“He was alive at the time. They said he was tall, skinny and Black, and maybe the person on the phone confirmed to the shooter that was him. Then they shot him on the floor.”

Her husband would be shot 12 times, with bullet holes found in his face, torso, legs and arms, according to an initial report by investigators.

“Once they shot the president, that’s when I thought, ‘It’s over for both of us.’ And I closed my eyes, you know, I didn’t think about anything else. I thought, ‘It’s over. This our last day,'” she said.

Even after the attack, the security guards charged with protecting Haiti’s first family never came. It was a maid who eventually found Mrs. Moise in the blood-drenched bedroom, and whom she asked to bring one of her husband’s ties to serve as a tourniquet for her arm, she said.

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