Tatelicious slams Madam Boss for revealing her affairs before she was married

Controversial Sweden based blogger Tatelicious Karigambe-Sandberg has revealed that comedian Madam Boss used to be a “pr_ostitute” before her marriage.

Tatelicious made these claims after Madam Boss’ interview with Nashtv when she revealed that she used to do anything to make a living.

However, due to her statement blogger Tatelicious labelled her as a pr_ostitute.

The outspoken blogger played part of Madam Boss’ interview where she was agreeing to have had a number of relationships before her marriage.
“Ndanga ndisati ndava married ka paya, so ndaingoita yandaita kuti ndiwane kurarama.

Meanwhile, Tatelicious said that Madam Boss was having an affair with Nash paints Boss Tinashe Mutarisi.