Mermaids kill three in Masvingo after ritual goes wrong

Bodies surface after seven days from shallow pond

Drewmas Media reports that three people died after a ritual to cleanse a local Headman in Chief Mapanzure’s area went wrong.

The incident happened in Masvingo on 16 July when a Prophet who was invited to perform the ritual, Amos Chimutuvi,chose a sacred pool that had mermaids.

10 people who were with the Prophet were flung into the pool resulting in three deaths, including a young girl. 2 people were returned immediately and came back to life after a while.

The bodies only surfaced after seven days from the shallow pool.

Survivor Statement 

The first man to surface told onlookers that he was held down by four people under the water who tried to give him some herbs, and only released him after he refused to eat the herbs.

The second man who was released was the Headman, who came back to life after being unconscious for many hours.

This shallow pool is called Machiti and held the bodies for seven days.

Narrating the story, local traditional leaders said the Prophet traveled from Chief Mutasa ‘s area and went to Headman Tazembwa who had a goblin that needed to be removed.

After performing rituals at Tazembwa’ s home, Prophet Amos asked for a place with water to continue the ritual and was advised to come to the mysterious pool.

On arrival, he found a woman who was fetching water, and asked if he could use the pond for the ritual.

Catherine Mangwiro saw everything happening with her own eyes

The woman told him that she could not deny him permission to use the pond as it was a public place.

Prophet Amos asked the 10 people who were with him to walk into the water. At that moment, the earth shook and roared and all 10 people were flung into the water.

Sacred pool

Locals told Drewmas Media that Machiti pool is mysterious and it was known that it had mermaids.

When kids went swimming in the pool, they would come out complaining that they were being tickled or being scratched on their backs by unseen beings.

In the past, every October, there would be a loud roaring from the top of the mountain to the pool, and a mysterious fire would burn at the top of the mountain.

The next day, after the mysterious fire, the nearby stream would flood, even though there would have been no rain for weeks.

As soon as the water from the stream reached river Musogwezi, it would rain immediately.

Spirit Medium

Locals reported that the local spirit medium, Mbuya Tovera, was called and spent the whole night beating drums after the three children disappeared, but the children did not surface the next day.

The children started surfacing one by one after seven days.

The Prophet had already disappeared. The Police Sub Aqua unit did not attend the scene as relatives asked them to wait while they performed traditional rituals.

While the incident happened at 7am, the Prophet only alerted the local community at 4pm

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