Body of Woman taken by mermaids at Lake Chivero found

Before she disappeared, she was screaming at the top pf her voice that she had committed adultery the previous night.

The body of the woman who was ‘taken’ by mermaids at Lake Chivero was found yesterday. Police Sub aqua unit and local fisherman found and retrieved the body.

The woman was found unhurt, dressed in the same clothes that she was wearing on the day she disappeared.

The husband and 16 year old son came to the scene while church members were present denied knowing her.

The husband said his wife lived at the church shrine and only came home once in a while. He said he last saw the wife two months ago.

It was reported that before she disappeared into the water, the woman was shouting at the top of her voice that she had had committed adultery the previous night.

The husband was reportedly taken aback after he heard that his wife had made such a confession.

Unnamed people who were present revealed that she had been living at the Shrine for over two years and was in tje habit of used to ironing Madzibaba Entitess’ clothes.

Madzibaba Entitess is reportedly in a leadership wrangle with Madzibaba Enoch and recently traveled to Cape Town.

It was reported that the Shrine is led by Madzibaba Enoch and they mix traditional and Christian beliefs.

The woman was reported to have  had a boyfriend who used to come to the shrine and spend time with her, while her husband last saw her two years ago.

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