Watch: Deported Zimbabweans Arrive

The United Kingdom deported atleast fourteen Zimbabweans on Thursday.

The deportees arrived at the airport this afternoon.

The Secretary in the Ministry of Information and Publicity Nick Mangwana said the deportees have been taken to ZIPAM.

He further said the deportees will have Covid-19 tests and spend atleast 10 days under quarantine.

Mangwana further confirmed that the deportees will not be jailed.

“After being cleared for Covid-19 they will join their families and communities,” tweeted Mangwana.

The United Kingdom was heavily criticised for deporting Zimbabweans.

However, the United Kingdom revealed the reasons behind the deportation of Zimbabweans.

In a statement released on 21 July 2021, the UK says Zimbabweans being detained for return are all foreign national offenders (FNOs) who have been convicted of serious offenses including murder, rape, sexual offenses against children.

The UK further defended its decision to deport Zimbabweans saying crimes of this nature have a devastating impact on victims and their families as well as the wider community.

“Under the UK Borders Act 2007, as Home Secretary I am required by law to issue a deportation order for a foreign national who has received a custodial sentence of at least 12 months, unless an exception applies,” said Rt Hon Priti Patel MP in a statement.

Patel further said his objective is to protect the public.

“It is longstanding government policy to deport foreign national offenders to keep our communities safe and since January 2019 we have deported 7, 985 foreign criminals from the UK,” added Patel.

Patel revealed the reasons behind deportation of Zimbabweans after thousands raised concerns about the scheduled deportation of Zimbabwe nationals by Charter flight on 21 July 2021, urging the cancellation of the flight.

The explanations by Patel also comes following the demonstration by Zimbabweans that took place in UK few days ago.