Harare City Council Calls for the Demolition of illegal Boom Gates

The City of Harare is calling for the demolition of Boom Gates that were constructed without authorization from the council.

The Harare City Council says it will assist with the removal where communities fail to be compliant.

“There is an increase in the number of unsanctioned boom gates particularly in the low density areas. All roads in Harare remain public roads unless specified otherwise. As such, no one shall close or cause to close such roads without express consent from the Local Authority,” said the council in a statement.

The council further said the decision to demolish boom gates was made because Council and other service providers are failing to deliver services due to some sections of roads that are illegally closed off with boom gates.

The notice is by the Harare City Council is given in terms of section 30 and 47 of the Roads Act [chapter 13:18]

Read the statement attached to the story for more information.