Madam boss endorses Mai Titi’s relationship with a “married” man

Pictures of the reunited comedians Mai TT and Madam Boss with Mai Titi’s “married” boyfriend were circulating on social media after Mai Titi announced that she had ended things with him.

Madam boss took to Instagram to express how happy she was that Mai Titi was  now in a relationship.

She wrote,” I am happy for you, I wish the best in everything my friend, wabva kure. All I wish for you is happiness.”

Mai Titi has had a roller coaster of relationships in her life with a series of heartbreaks and disappointment .

This time around she wanted to keep the relationship at a low level but this was not Tatelicious plan as she exposed the plot earlier.
Mai Titi now has no choice than appearing in public with the man.

She hasn’t yet endorsed the rumor or said anything about the relationship but Madam Boss was pictured with the two yesterday.