Former Studio 263 Actress Tinopona Katsande’s Business Flourish After Being Publicly Mocked On Social Media

Deputy Chief Secretary-Presidential Communications in the Office of the President of Zimbabwe, George Charamba and Journalist Hopewell Chin’ono have chipped in to support Tino Katsande’s egg business.

Charamba requested her to deliver crates of eggs at his Munhumutapa office.

This comes after pictures of the former actress and radio presenter selling eggs went viral on social media.

Some social media users looked down on Tino’s new hustle saying the once-famous actress has fallen from grace to grass.

Some social media users also  came out to defend former Studio 263 actress Tinopona Katsande after she was mocked for selling eggs.

However, some social media users defended Katsande arguing that there was nothing wrong with selling eggs adding that the Irvines family makes a living from selling eggs.

Responding to those who were criticizing her new hustle Tino wrote;

“Kukava data kuriyambutsa.”