SA Defence Minister backs down after contradicting Ramaphosa

Ramaphosa knows I would never deliberately undermine his position as the Commander in Chief of the armed forces

South Africa Defence Minister, Nosiviwe Maphisa Nqakhula, has this afternoon backed down from her original statement that there was no insurrection in South Africa last week.

Speaking while sorrounded by armed soldiers, a tearful Maphisa Nqakhula said:

The President has spoken. It was an attempted insurrection. Okay. And I confined myself to counter revolution.

Because, ultimately, remember any element of counter revolution, ultimately, may lead as well leads to an insurrection.

Because counter revolution is about doing all manner of things which are meant to undermine the authority of the state, which are meant to undermine our democratic country.

So, if you do that, you may as well tomorrow mobilize everybody and say, Look, this is the direction we are taking and I think when I made that point that was the point I was making.

I want to repeat this. It was never a deliberate, or even a mischievous mischief on my side to deliberately contradict the Commander in Chief, particularly because I am a member of the National Security Council.

Not only that, I do provide reports on behalf of my team to the National Security Council, So, any suggestion of deliberately contradicting the Commander in Chief, I believe, is mischievous.

I really believe, and I think, from where I’m standing, where he is, he would know that I am not the kind of person who deliberately give, or create that impression in the country, would deliberately divide the country, who deliberately undermine his authority as the Commander in Chief.

Please watch the video above this post for more details.