Madam Boss threatens to sue “Nanny” who claims to have her secret daughter

Comedienne Tyra Chikocho popularly known as Madam Boss has threatened to sue a woman who claims that she taking care of her secret daughter who she abandoned when she got married.

Madam boss  and her team has decided to take the woman to court for tarnishing her image.

The comedian revealed that she doesn’t know the person and none of her family members knows her.
She urged her to apologise publicly her legal team takes the matter to court.

During an Instagram live Madam Boss revealed that the woman tarnished her image and warned her not use people’s names to be famous.
“I don’t know that woman and she has tarnished my name.
“I wish she knew that I was actually praying for a second child rather than lying.
I didn’t want to that story because I don’t like drama but I am going to send all the evidence to people who can expose her,” she said.