Jay Israel Finally Speaks After Quiting Christianity

The founder of Spirit Life Mega Church based in South Africa, Jay Israel has finally broke his silence after quitting christianity.

The self-proclaimed prophet left christianity last month due to depression.

He has however took to social media to tell his story on how he managed to become one of the most successful pastors in the world.

MY STORY Part 1 !!

Below are pictures from the last service which I conducted in east London church , in 2019 . Many people have never really understood my story because they thought I have been speaking out of anger and hatred not knowing what has been driving my passion to speak out against the CULT .
At my age I can gladly say I became one of the youngest successful minister leading one of the biggest churches in South Africa .

I have seen many comments and posts from people who only started following me last year saying there’s nothing I can say because I’ve never ministered to crowds in my life . Well let me take you back a bit . This was the 3rd year of running a ministry in the eastern cape and it had grown exponentially in numbers . I can boldly say I led the fastest growing and the biggest church in the Eastern cape before I decided to leave embarking on a journey of finding myself .

I made a firm decision to quit church and seek Christ because I was losing myself in as much as I was still leading people . There was a time I felt really empty inside although I kept on leading God’s people . Thousands of people flocked into east London from different parts of the world seeking divine intervention and many came with testimonies although I knew I was not in right standing with God …….