South Africa’s Maimane Slams Mnangagwa

South African politician Mmusi Maimane has heavily attacked the President of Zimbabwe Emmerson Mnangagwa.

The former Democratic Alliance President urged Mnangagwa to remain silent rather than urging South Africans to maintain peace.

The president of Zimbabwe tweeted:

“On behalf of all Zimbabweans, both at home and abroad, we wish that the current challenges plaguing our South African brothers and sisters are resolved peacefully.

Only when there is peace in South Africa, is there peace in our region,”


Maimane quickly responded to the tweet by Zimbabwe’s President.

“Of all people you must shut up the most. You have been brutally killing civilians for 41 years,” tweeted Maimane.

“South Africa needs no advice about peace from the biggest thug in the region. The reigning champion of oppression in SADC. Sies.,” he added.

Meanwhile, over 70 civilians have been confirmed dead as a result of ongoing protests in South Africa.

Atleast 15 people were also confirm dead in Phoenix as a result of racial tensions.

You know nothing of peace and everything about violence. Thula Mnangagwa.