FlySafair to Assist with Food Supplies in Kwazulu-Natal

South African Airline popularly known as FlySafair has increased the number of flights to Durban so as to help with food supplies.

The essentials to be delivered by the airline includes food, medical provisions and yeast to secure bread supplies.

The looting and violence has had a ripple effect throughout South Africa as the movement of goods going in and out of the Kwazulu-Natal has been hindered.

Speaking to eNCA, Kirby Gordon who is the chief marketing officer at FlySafair said the demand for air travel is still deepika depressed, but there is need for additional capacity for both cargo and passenger seats into and out of KZN.

Efforts to move goods are being coordinated through central charitable organisations with capacity to collect items on the one end and securely deliver to Kwazulu-Natal.

For the past few days, shopping centers have been looted by protesters and some shops have been burned down.

More than 70 civilians have been confirmed dead as a result of the ongoing protests in South Africa.

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