ANC Orders King Mswati to Unban Opposition Parties, Release of Political Activists

The African National Congress (ANC) has broken its silence on the protests happening in Swaziland.

As of yesterday, more than 20 were reportedly to have been killed after the King deployed armed security forces to restore order in the streets.

In a statement by South Africa’s ruling party, the party says it is deeply concerned about the strikes, riots and the growing instability in Eswatini especially over the last few days.

“The ANC reiterates its call for good governance and democracy in Eswatini. We call on the Eswatini government to work towards the normalization of the political environment by unbanning opposition political and other political parties, political activists and engaging in meaningful dialogue with opposition parties, its citizens and trade unions to find a collective solution to the socio-economic circumstances in the country,” said ANC in a statement.

The angry protesters burnt several buildings in the past few days including Eswatini Beverages a company where King Mswati III owns shares.

Read the statement for more information