Former Studio 263 actress Chipo Bizure was  fined for harassing her boyfriend’s wife and maliciously damaging property at her place of residence.

Bizure  appeared in  to answer to the two charges of malicious damage to property and disorderly conduct.

In mitigation, Bizure pleaded with the court for mercy and to her ‘co-wife’ Fortunate Mapfumo saying that she was out of line.
“I am asking for mercy to the court and to my ‘co-wife’, what I did was uncalled for and I was out of line, and I plead with the court that I may be at least be ordered to pay a fine and also be given a chance to replace the bar stools I broke,” she said.
The presiding magistrate said in considering the appropriate sentence, she considered that Bizure was a first offender and did not waste’s court time.
“In considering the appropriate sentence the court took into account that you are a female first offender and the court are ought to be lenient with first offenders and consider a non-custodial sentence where appropriate.
“The court also took into account that you pleaded guilty to the two offences and didn’t waste the court’s time, and where a plea of guilt is genuinely tendered it shows a sign of remorse and at most you should be rewarded of that because you would have eased the operations of the court and saved the court’s time.
“The court also took into account your willingness to restitute the complainant thereby writing off the wrong that you did to her however, on the other hand the court viewed your offences seriously and you had no right to damage her property in as much as you wanted to see whoever you wanted to see, you could have done it in an amicable way rather than to resort to violent.
“You are strongly warned to desist from such practises in future and in sentencing a custodial sentence would be too harsh in the circumstances and a fine would be appropriate, in respect of the first count of malicious damage to property, you pay $6000 fine in default of payment 15 days’ imprisonment and in addition to that one-month imprisonment is suspended on condition that you restitute the complainant $20 000 that’s the value of the chairs you damaged.
“In respect of the second count of disorderly conduct you pay $5000 in default of payment 10 days’ imprisonment,” she said.
The court heard that on June 8 at around 2am, Bizure went to Mapfumo’s place of residence in Avonlea and reportedly started to ring the intercom demanding to see her boyfriend Sugar Chagonda who is Mapfumo’s husband.
The court heard that after being told that she had to return in the morning, Bizure started blowing her car horn and banging the gate. When she discovered that the gate was not locked, she went inside and destroyed two bar stools that were on the veranda.
Upon hearing the noise, Mapfumo and her son went out and Bizure ran outside and locked herself in the car and kept blowing the horn at the gate till 5:30 am. H Metro