Glen View Man Sustains Injuries Following Brutal Attack By Wife and In laws

A 68 year old Glen View man has suffered serious injuries after being brutally attacked by his wife and his in-laws.

This comes after the couple was having arguments in their marriage.

The  Glen View couple,  was married for  35 years.

The 68-year-old Adam Marimo, whose limbs have been immobilised, bears the deep wounds of what was meant to be love.

Marimo accuses his 53-year-old wife Maria and his in-laws of kidnapping him and taking him to a bushy area in Chiweshe where he spent days tethered to a big tree.

But the wife disputes the narrative, alleging Marimo was taken to Chiweshe for prayers after exhibiting signs of mental illness.

One has to read between the lines to get the true account. But Marimo’s injuries tell a complete story and neighbours are in shock contending he was an able-bodied and hard-working man before the Chiweshe ordeal immobilised him.

Marimo, who inherited a 5-roomed house from his parents, is also accusing his wife of depriving him of his share of rentals.

Zbc reports that according to Marimo’s medical report, his injuries were caused by rope burns when he was forcibly restrained and tethered to a tree for days resulting in wounds as deep as exposing the bones.

Marimo is set to undergo an operation to amputate both hands on the 27th of July and is appealing for financial assistance to cater for his medical bills.