Enzo Ishall revealed that he was paid by Hillary to release the song “Hillary Makaya”

Zimdancehall chanter, Enzo Ishall said model, Hillary Makaya paid a lot of money for him to do a song on her.

Enzo revealed this during an interview on Power FM, yesterday, where he also said the strategy worked for Makaya who wanted to boost her social media followership.

Lately, the Zimdancehall sensation has been posting images of Hillary Makaya on his social media handles which has prompted the singer’s fans to believe that he is trying to shoot a shot.

In April, Hillary Makaya was spotted with Enzo Ishall and Killer T having dinner.

The supermodel has not officially announced breaking up with Mugabe Jnr although word on the street is that the two broke up some time ago.

Enzo Ishall said this after fans started questioning him if the two were dating or not.

Enzo cleared the air that the two never dated it was just business.