Bushiri Wins Big as Number of South African Witnesses Reduces

The lawyer for Prophet Shephered Bushiri and Mary Bushiri, Wapona Kita has expressed shock at the sudden reduction of a number of witnesses to testify on the ongoing extradition Malawi.

The lawyer expected to face 27 witnesses however the state revealed that it now only has 10 witnesses.

“We are ready, we are waiting for the day for us to proceed. We have applied to the court for the disclosure of the witnesses,” said Wapona.

“Since the state is now failing to have over 27 witnesses, we have applied to know the names of these 10 witnesses because we have a right to know them so that we focus on our defence against them,” he added.

The case is set to continue on the 12th of July in Malawi High Court.

The South African witnesses are set to appear in the Malawi courts after they were ordered by the Malawian magistrate.

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