Revealed: Tatelicious Spent More than US$80 000 on S-x Reassignment Surgery

Tatelicious born Tatenda Zenzo Karigambe has spent more than US$ 80 thousand to transform himself to be a woman.

“I was confirmed a boy at birth but I had just a male body with a female mind,” said Tatelicious.

The socialite says she completed the sex change in 2013 when the registrar general officially gave her documentation as a female.

The process of becoming a woman has involved doctors and lawyers.

Tatelicious is adamant that she is not a homosexuality though she identifies herself with LGBTI people.

She also dismisses the claims that she is sponsored culture project that many see as a direct attack on African value systems.

“I chose to liberate myself from the confines of the society. I have spent more than US$ 80 000 on breast augmentation and male to female sex reassignment surgery,” said Tatelicious.

She further revealed that she invested in business and saved money to complete the process of becoming a woman.

The Zimbabwean socialite further revealed that the surgery was life threatening because she is diabetic.

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