Controversial socialite and businessman Prophet Passion has urged socialite Dj Towers to beg for knowledge not money from his so called rich friends “mbingaldos”.

Dj Towers is popularly known for being close to rich people in Zimbabwe and lure them to give him money.

During an instagram live the two  exchanged  words.

Recently DJ Towers and Passion Java have been on each other’s throat and yesterday they finally did a live on IG together expressing their hate for each other.

DJ Towers openly told Passion Java that he hates him.

Java attacked Towers using his appearance, he described Towers as an ugly person. Java told Towers about his rough skin, he was offering him a noise surgery and told him to go join the army since face is already fit and it’s his CV.


Passion Java went on to tell Towers to know his class, people he should play with and gave examples of other Zim skits celebrates like Mai titi.

“You should beg for wisdom and not money”, said Java