Zimbabwean politician, Jacob Ngarivhume has said MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa has let the electorates down by letting Harare city council demolish illegal structures of vendors in Harare.

Ngarivhume made the remarks after the Harare city council in collaboration with the police destroyed illegal structures in some parts of harare.

Ngarivhume also slammed the people who voted for councillors who approve such decisions.

He revealed that the councillors are supposed to stand with their people as they are the ones who voted for them.

“This is the time I expected my brother Nelson Chamisa to lead by example and be at the forefront in confronting the government,” said Ngarivhume.

“I am even surprised that Chamisa or his party are not here to give solidarity to the people whose working sites have been destroyed,” added Ngarivhume.