Zimbabwe Billionaire, Strive Masiyiwa has slammed the COVAX facility, which he said has failed to deliver as promised.

Speaking during a panel discussion, Masiyiwa revealed that the COVAX facility has only been able to supply 30 million out of the promised 700 million doses.

He said the current supply chain architecture is unfair as the powerful countries have bought all the manufacturing capacity, leaving Africa with nothing.

Masiyiwa questioned why the USA has maintained export restrictions on raw materials, which goes against what the earlier agreements.

Masiyiwa said the problem was compounded by poor risk analysis after COVAX ordered all their supplies from an Indian facility, which failed to meet demand when that country was hit hardest.

Masiyiwa said while Johnson and Johnson is not a saint, they have done better because they have a facility in South Africa.

Masiyiwa said COVAX needs to be fixed urgently to allow Africa to have equitable access.

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