The diaspora based Zimbabweans Olinda Chapel and Tatelicious are on each other’s neck again after Olinda expressed her happiness when Tatelicious mistakenly exposed his manhood.

Olinda Chapel and Tatelicious are back on social media again, after Tatelicious had a live on IG and exposed his manhood. Olinda also took this moment to do her vergence on the the queen.

Chapel did a live video on IG talking and discussing about Tatelicious appearance as a person.

She claims that Tatelicious is broke that she could not perform her surgery really well.

In the live video Olinda expresed  sympathy on Tatelicious.

“Tatelicious really wants to be a female and can’t afford what she started, people should accept who she is.

“Fans and those who claim to love her should help her to become who she wants to be Olinda added in her live.

“I  feel sorry for Tatelicious the pain he has to go through everyday tying her manhood and stand  in front of people pretending like everything is fine and go well in her life,”she said.