This time Nigerian superstar Davido found himself as the topic of discussion after a South African woman named Tshidi  accused him of not paying her service for the night.

This comes after Tshidi claims to have spent the night with Davido after meeting at Konka nightclub in Soweto.

She then went on  to share that he gave her less money than she had expected after their meeting.

She claims that Davido’s body guards smashed her friends phone after they thought that she was taking a video.

“I was most concerned about  my friend’s phone, fortunately they acknowledged their wrong doing and promised to replace the device, however they haven’t kept their word to me.

People on social media  were amused by the entire story as the she provided a screenshot of a conversation with her friend.

She claims that a guy who was with the star named ‘Soso’ smashed her phone after thinking that she was taking photos and videos when she only texting her cousin, it went to elaborate that they found no evidence of what they were accusing her of doing after inspecting her phone.