Lorraine Guyo writes an appreciation post for Ace Lumumba

Socialite and comedian Lorraine Guyo popular for her Ndiyengeiwo skit says that Ace Lumumba played a major role in her career.

Lorraine revealed this information in her appreciation post on Facebook.

She said that Lumumba was the one who introduced her to the big people in the industry.

Writing on Facebook Guyo said:

“Appreciation post.

“Mhofu yemukono.
There are some of the things that we might not talk about every time yet they are very important. His name is Acie Lumumba.
Let me share my short story.

“When Ndinyengeyiwo video came out Lumumba looked for me and he said to me “Lorraine I want you to take advantage of the situation”. I said to him “what if people don’t accept me” and he Said “make lemonade out of the Lemon”.
I was very scared and he said “Chihera you can this am telling you.”
“My first skit after ndinyengeyiwo I did it with him . Lumumba introduced me to Tyra Chikocho and we started doing ma skit, He also introduced me to Tinashe Mutarisi and MR Philip Mataranyika and he said to them help Mwana to grow her brand. My first ever endorsement came from Avion Zimbabwe.
I can write a book about him .

“Word will fail me if I start to appreciate you bro.
You have supported me , we might not talk everyday , but once in a while he text aChihera go girl am ur #1 Fan .
“ u always have my support “

“It’s this amazing side of you that people don’t know that much.

“I appreciate you.”

She showed how grateful she was for what Lumumba did