Father Ribeiro who designed the Zimbabwean flag has passed on.

Father Ribeiro died at St Anne’s Hospital in Harare Thursday morning.

His death was confirmed by Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services Permanent Secretary Mr Nick Mangwana.



Roman Catholic Church priest, composer, novelist and nationalist Father Emmanuel Ribeiro has died aged 86.

Writing on Twitter, Mr Mangwana said:


“It is sad to learn that Father Emmanuel Ribeiro has passed on in the early hours of this morning. Father Ribeiro was assistant chaplain-general of Prisons at the time President @edmnangagwa was in prison. He was a major player in the design of our national flag. MHDSRIP.”


Father Ribeiro composed more than dozen Roman Catholic Church hymns. He was a member of the committee which penned Zimbabwe’s national anthem and was part of the committee which designed Zimbabwe’s national flag.