Olinda Chapel to Sue Tatelicious for Defamation of Character


Zimbabwean business consultant, Olinda Chapel is ready to take Tatelicious Garigambe to court for defamation of character.

Tatelicious stunned netizens after she accused Olinda of infecting people with Aids.

He further went far as claiming that Nandi is Stunner’s baby and not of Tytan.

In a video circulating on social media, Olinda said she has been bullied by people for allegedly spreading aids.

In another post, the business consultant revealed her results in order to prove that she cannot transmit aids to any individual.

“Undetectable means you cannot pass on a virus to anyone. Stop stigmatizing HIV just because you haven’t come to terms with yours,” posted Olinda.

“You are busy doing a live creating lies and peddling manyepo ako. We are suing you and it’s not a joke. I want you to show me where ndakauraya munhu or my husband,” she added.