Socialite, Ms Shally, has revealed that she buried her father few days ago.

Writing on Instagram, Ms Shally said :


“Pain will never kill you and sometimes it won’t make you stronger but destroys you inside. My father was my everything reality hit bad when we buried him a few days ago. I would like to thank my friends and loved ones you who stood by my side @evidence_chari thank you soo much for preaching such a touching message from God, @lionel_mubaiwa thank you soo much for preaching at the all night celebration, @jahprayzah your performance was amaizing it made everyone soo emotional, @tembalami my favorite gospel artist you shinned so much your exceptionally gifted. @wellazk27 & silent killer thank you sooo much for the support you gave which played a huge role, @the_hell_commander you literally put your schedule on hold so you could stand by side, you did over and above I love & appreciate you, @neliakadungure the love Genius gave me I see it in you and your family I love you babes, Lisa & Obey kitchen Lisa Friday made sure our guests ate delicious food, your services were great . My friends who came through I am lost of words. @doves_zw you went over board just to make sure my dad repatriation was smooth, your services were exceptional even at midnight you were up working making sure it went smooth, 5 months of consistency now that’s an exceptional service,” she posted.

Ms Shally posted a video of the funeral which was presided over by Prophet Evidence Chari.