Popular American based Prophet Pas­sion Java and  Billionaire businessman, Dr Phillip Chiyangwa have today revealed that there is only one way to make money in Zimbabwe – Joining the AAG and submitting to the authority of the ruling ZANU PF party and President ED Mnangagwa.

Prophet Java and Dr Chiyangwa held their meeting in his Rolls-Royce.

During the Facebook live, the duo gave young people some tips on how to make money.

Chiyangwa in the discussion  urged people in business to select  a business that they have  passion on what  they can manage to do.

“To  select your business you have to analyse the market, knowing  your competition and  how your competitors are doing because every business has people in it already, so you have to know how you will fit in the market,” Chiyangwa said.

Chiyangwa said that his mandate is to change the economy of Zimbabwe.

Philip Chiyangwa is a founder  of the Affirmative  Action Group while Passion Java is the Vice President of that organisation.

Please watch the video above this post for more details.