Tinashe Mutarisi was born in wedza and grew up under difficult circumstances having lost his parents at a young age.

He had to forego childhood privileges and quickly graduated into adulthood looking after his siblings.

His siblings would also support him, molding bricks so that he could finish his secondary education.

What matters the most was his background as he was born in a polygamous family.

His father had three wives and 27 children.

However when his parents died the family members did not negotiate the sharp curves of the life voyage.

Tinashe Mutarisis’ growing up was not easy, he had to find work after secondary school to take care of his siblings.

After school, Tinashe worked in a retail shop in Chivu before migrating to Botswana where discovered the opportunities that existed in the local paint industry.

Armed with few savings, Tinashe came back to Zimbabwe and started the paint business in Chitungwiza.

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