WATCH: Beverly Sibanda Breaks down during LIVE with Mai Titi

Chambuka Mufudzi 's cheating with 50 women

Popular Zimbabwean dancer Beverly ‘Bev’ Sibanda has finally revealed that Mufudzi Chambuka is cheating on her with at least 50 women.

Beverly, whp broke down repeatedly during the Facebook LIVE broadcast with Mai Titi, said she has nothing to eat and has not paid rent in time for the past six months.

She said Chambuka is extremely jelousy and blocks her on Whatsapp when the time comes to pay bills.

Beverly said she has been in multiple confrontations with women who are communicating with Chambuka, including those who sent him their pictures.

She revealed that Chambuka moved her to a more expensive flat, and is now refusing to pay rent. He is also not comfortable with her goong out to dance for money, and is financially abusing her.

She concluded by saying she wants a divorce so that she can go bacl to work and be self supporting.

She further revealed that Mufudzi always gossips with his friends, telling them that she bewitched him to marry her.

Last week the controversial musician set social media abuzz through a Facebook post insinuating her husband was involved in extra marital affairs.

“Munhu anokuwana uchizvihurira okuroora, otanga kukuhuria zvakasimba obva otokanganwa kuti une chipo chawakagarira,” she posted.

After people commented she also posted saying that she was joking.

Today she revealed that she said she was joking so as to save her marriage.

Bev tied the knot in January last year at the Harare Magistrate’s Court with Chambuka.

Please watch the video above this post for more details.